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PDF 1658_GRU DNAPL Consultant Information on ISBS Now ISGS and Effectiveness 3-8-2010.pdf 03/08/2010 2MB
PDF 1658_FTS 2009 Second Semi-Annual Comprehensive GWM Report 3-3-2010.pdf 03/03/2010 17MB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot Creek Tar-Removal-Meeting Summary-3-2-2010-Final.pdf 03/02/2010 36KB
PDF 1658_GRU Ltr to USEPA Supporting TAG Grant Application 3-2-2010.pdf 03/02/2010 54KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Comments on Sept 2009 Beazer Comp GW Monitoring Plan (CGWMSP) Koppers 3-1-2010.pdf 03/01/2010 65KB
PDF 1658_Cabot Weston Conf Call Agenda Tar Removal from Creeks with Parcel Map 3-1-2010.pdf 03/01/2010 189KB
PDF 1658_Cabot Weston Map of Parcels within 100-ft-Tar-Containing-Samples in Springstead Hogtown Creeks 3-1-2010.pdf 03/01/2010 174KB
PDF 1658_ACHD and ACEPD Follow Up to Mr. Prager re Question on Water Well Testing and Usage Near Koppers Site 3-1-2010.pdf 03/01/2010 693KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Approval of October 19 2009 Tar Removal Workplan Cabot Carbon Koppers Superfund Site 2-23-2010.pdf 02/23/2010 602KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Monthly Progress Report January 2010 2-28-2010.pdf 02/23/2010 152KB
PDF 1658_AMEC Beazer Proposed Sampling South East Northeast and NonResidential Offsite 2-19-2010.pdf 02/19/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_AMEC Beazer Proposed Additional Offsite Grid Sampling Western Koppers Site 2-19-2010.pdf 02/19/2010 149KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Transmittal to FDEP Dioxin Results in Sediment at 2 Springstead Crk_locations_LabResults_FinalRpt 2-18-2010.pdf 02/18/2010 2MB
PDF 1658_Summary Koppers Feasibility Study Technical Working Group No 7 Meeting 1-27 and 28 2010 2-16-2010.pdf 02/17/2010 80KB
PDF 1658_GRU Commens on FTS Comp GW Monitoring Plan dated Sept 18 2009 2-16-2010.pdf 02/16/2010 592KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Public Notice of Letter of Intent for TAG Grant 2-16-2010.pdf 02/16/2010 180KB
DOCX 1658_USEPA Cabot Koppers Update Fact Sheet February 2010 Final February 2010.docx 02/15/2010 48KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer Response to FDEP Comment re UHB-4 Absence of NAPL.pdf 02/15/2010 313KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Comments on FTS Beazer Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring Plan 02-12-2010.pdf 02/12/2010 102KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Transmittal to FDEP Information on Additional Sampling in Springstead Creek 2-10-2010.pdf 02/10/2010 2MB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot Carbon 4th Quarter 2009 Groundwater Sampling Report- 2-5-2010.pdf 02/05/2010 891KB
PDF 1658_FTS Beazer Comprehensive GW Monitoring Plan Ver 2 Sept 18 2009 2-1-2010.pdf 02/01/2010 5MB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans December 2009 Monthly Progress Rpt Koppers 1-29-2010.pdf 01/29/2010 151KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Review Comments on 2009 Draft Feasability Study for Koppers Site 1-22-2010.pdf 01/22/2010 20MB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Koppers Superfund Site Agenda Item1-21-10 Commission Mtg 1-14-2010.pdf 01/14/2010 1MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Comments on Gradient Weston Hawthorn Investigation Workplan Dec 4 2009 Cabot Site 1-14-2010.pdf 01/14/2010 150KB
PDF 1658_GRU Comments on Dec 4 2009 Cabot Hawthorn Workplan 1-12-2010.pdf 01/12/2010 19KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Comments on Dec 4 2009 Gradient Weston Cabot Hawthorn Group Workplan 1-12-2010.pdf 01/12/2010 100KB
PDF 1658_Summary of Meeting Key Points November 23 2009 EPA_FDEP_ACEPD_COG Meeting 1-11-2010.pdf 01/11/2010 27KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer Comments on the 12-4-2009 Cabot HG Investigation Workplan 1-11-2010.pdf 01/11/2010 137KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Prelim Data for Offsite Soil Sampling and Split Sample Data near Koppers September 2010 1-6-2010.pdf 01/06/2010 517KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Bill OSteen Comments on Cabot Hawthorn Grp Sampling Results 1-5-2010.pdf 01/05/2010 8MB
PDF 1658_Koppers Agrees To Sale of Gainesville Florida Wood Treating Facility to Beazer East Inc Press Release 12-22-2009.pdf 12/22/2009 67KB
PDF 1658_FDOH Communication to Stephen Forster Resident Kaya Ideker re Cancer Cluster 12-17-2009.pdf 12/17/2009 47KB
PDF 1658_GRU and ACEPD Additional Comments on Draft FS and Floridan IRM w Maps Up and Low Hawthorn Contaminants 12-16-2009.pdf 12/16/2009 2MB
PDF 1658_GRU and ACEPD Additional Comments on Draft FS and Floridan IRM regarding Groundwater Subsurface 12-16-2009.pdf 12/16/2009 32KB
PDF 1658_Key Environmental Beazer Upper Hawthorn Recovery Pilot Study Final Rpt 12-15-2009.pdf 12/15/2009 14MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Approval of GeoTrans Beazer Final Upper Floridan Aquifer Workpln Invest of NW Area of Kopppers 11-4-2009.pdf 12/15/2009 4MB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer Response to GRU Comments on Upper Floridan Well Installation Invest of NW Area 12-14-2009.pdf 12/14/2009 34KB
PDF 1658_Robert Pierce and USEPA E-mail Re TAG graLetter of Intent EPA TAG Grant 12-14-2009.pdf 12/14/2009 19KB
PDF 1658_Mr. Robert Pierce Response to USEPA E-mail re TAG Grant Letter of Intent 12-14-2009.pdf 12/14/2009 19KB
PDF 1658_USEPA E-mail to Robert Pierce re Technical Assistance Grant TAG Letter of Intent 12-14-2009.pdf 12/14/2009 84KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Review Comments on Revised August 2009 On site Koppers HH Risk Assessment 12-11-2009.pdf 12/11/2009 1MB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Updated Hawthorn Well-Drilling Workplan 12-7-2009.pdf 12/07/2009 4MB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Updated Hawthorn Sampling and Well-Drilling Workplan 12-7-2009.pdf 12/07/2009 4MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Response to ACEPD Recommended Changes in Offsite Soil Sampling in Neighborhood West of Koppers 12-7-2009.pdf 12/07/2009 20KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Recommended Changes in Offsite Soil Sampling in Rights of Way in Neighborhood West of Koppers 12-4-2009.pdf 12/04/2009 48KB
PDF 1658_AMEC Proposed Meeting to Review Offsite Sampling Dates and Plan for December 17 and 18 2009 12-2-2009.pdf 12/02/2009 17KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans November 2009 Monthly Progress Report 12-2-2009.pdf 12/02/2009 151KB
PDF 1658_JEA GRU Maps of Benzene Napthalene 24DMPhenol Conc in Lower Hawthorn 2003-2009 12-1-2009.pdf 12/01/2009 997KB
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