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PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Stu Pearson Request to USPEA for ROD Clarification - FLD980709356 2-15-2011.pdf 02/15/2011 19KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Clarification on On-Site Non Consolidated Area Soils Remedy and Clean-up Standards 2-11-2011.pdf 02/11/2011 19KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot Update to FDEP on Creek Tar Removal Project SWPPP and NPDES Permit Status 2-11-2011.pdf 02/11/2011 83KB
PDF 1658_ACHD Review of SBAC Soil Sampling at 3 Alachua County Schools 2-10-2011.pdf 02/10/2011 42KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Response to ACEPD on Clarification for CabotKoppers ROD errors 2-9-2011.pdf 02/09/2011 24KB
PDF 1658_AC School Board WAR School Soil Testing Report (Report No Lab Data) 2-8-2011.pdf 02/08/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_AC School Board WAR School Soil Testing Report 2-8-2011.pdf 02/08/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_SBAC Soil Testing Results at Three Schools WAR Report Final 2-8-2011.pdf 02/08/2011 3MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Response to GeoTrans Ltr 12-16-2010 Concerning ACEPD Stormwater Data 2-7-2011.pdf 02/07/2011 5MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Chris Bird Response to M. Parsons re USEPA ROD Response re Neighborhoon Indoor and Health Concerns 2-7-2011.pdf 02/07/2011 4MB
PDF 1658_FDEP Draft NPDES Administrative Order Beazer East Site AO 146 NE 2-4-2011.pdf 02/04/2011 181KB
PDF 1658_FDEP NPDES Notice of Draft NPDES Permit former Koppers Beazer East Site Public Meeting 2-4-2011.pdf 02/04/2011 16KB
PDF 1658_FDEP NPDES Draft Permit for Former Koppers Beazer East Site 2-4-2011.pdf 02/04/2011 332KB
PDF 1658_FDEP NPDES Draft Permit former Koppers Beazer East Site Map of Discharge Sample Locations 2-4-2011.pdf 02/04/2011 111KB
PDF 1658_FDEP NPDES Draft Permit Fact Sheet former Koppers Beazer East Site 2-4-2011.pdf 02/04/2011 153KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Notice of Draft NPDES Permit former Koppers Beazer East Site 2-4-2011.pdf 02/04/2011 85KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer December 2010 Monthly Progress Report 2-3-2011.pdf 02/03/2011 3MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Cabot Koppers ROD Feb 2011 -Part 1 2-2-2011.pdf 02/02/2011 9MB
PDF 1658_Cabot Koppers ROD Feb 2011 -Part 2 Tables and Figures 2-2-2011.pdf 02/02/2011 8MB
PDF 1658_Cabot Koppers ROD Feb 2011 - App A Responsiveness Summary 2-2-2011.pdf 02/02/2011 12MB
PDF 1658_Cabot Koppers ROD Feb 2011 - App A Comments from Stakeholders Public 2-2-2011.pdf 02/02/2011 16MB
PDF 1658_Cabot Koppers ROD Feb 2011 - Transcript of USEPA 8-5-2010 Public Meeting 2-2-2011.pdf 02/02/2011 4MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Cabot Koppers ROD Feb 2011- Full Doc 2-2-2011.pdf 02/02/2011 48MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Inspection of Weston Cabot Creek Tar Removal at N.Main St Ditch SS5 Excavation Location 2-12-2012.pdf 02/02/2011 17MB
PDF 1658_FDOH Letter to Atty Calwell re Request for Indoor Dust Testing Data 1-28-2011.pdf 01/28/2011 103KB
PDF 1658_ACHD Kioppers Fact Sheet Update to Stephen Foster Neighborhood 1-26-2011.pdf 01/26/2011 38KB
PDF 1658_FDOH January 2011 Final Koppers Fact Sheet Update 1-26-2011.pdf 01/26/2011 38KB
PDF 1658_Weston and FDEP Communication re Permit Needs for SedimentTar Removal Project 1-26-2011.pdf 01/26/2011 59KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Recommendation to Weston Cabot re Permits for Sediment Tar Removal in Creeks Cabot- Last Check 1-26-2011.pdf 01/26/2011 84KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Communication to Weston re Permit and Pollution Prevention Plan needs for SedimentTar Removal Creeks 1-26-2011.pdf 01/26/2011 84KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Follow Up re Permit Status for Creek Clean-up by Weston Sediment Tar Removal 1-25-2011.pdf 01/25/2011 57KB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot AirMonitoring Plan re PineTarRemovalProject_rev3 1-24-2011.pdf 01/24/2011 858KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Internal Briefing Materials Regarding Cabot Carbon Koppers ROD 1-19-2011.pdf 01/19/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_FDOH Ltr to Mr. Cohen re Egg Testing Results from Near Koppers Site 1-18-2011.pdf 01/18/2011 185KB
PDF 1658_Chair Pinkoson Ltr_11 033 to USEPA re County Concerns on Beazer Ltr to Property Owners on Dioxin Soil Results 1-11-2011.pdf 01/11/2011 353KB
PDF 1658_FDEP E-mail to FDOT Response Concerning Warning Sign Installation Along Creeks on FDOT Rights of Way 1-6-2011.pdf 01/06/2011 47KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Chris Bird Memo to BOCC re Beazer Letter to Affected Residents Regarding Dioxin soil test results 1-6-2011.pdf 01/06/2011 190KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Request to USEPA for Complete Data Package of Offsite September 2010 Data Soil Near Koppers 1-6-2011.pdf 01/06/2011 33KB
PDF 1658_Beazer Offsite Soil Sampling Data September 2010 1-5-2011.pdf 01/05/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Fred Murry Memo to Mayor Lowe re Beazer Offsite Soil Sampling Results 1-5-2011.pdf 01/05/2011 562KB
PDF 1658_Cabot Gradient Weston Response to Comments on Tar Removal Workplan 1-4-2011.pdf 01/04/2011 84KB
PDF 1658_Cabot Gradient Weston Creek Tar Removal Work Plan_Final 1-4-2011.pdf 01/04/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_Beazer_Letter_to_Residents_Regarding Soil Sampling in Neighborhood 12-30-2010.pdf 12/30/2010 165KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans November 2010 Monthly Progress Rpt 12-23-2010.pdf 12/23/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_Dioxin Sampling Results Offsite Samples West of Koppers Site 9-2010.pdf 12/22/2010 702KB
PDF 1658_Joe Prager Letter to City and P.Cline re ACEPD Comments on Plan to Locate Possible Buried Drums Koppers Site12-22-2010.pdf 12/22/2010 237KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Murry Memo to City Comm re ACEPD Response to Ms Kennedys Concerns about Disclosure 12-21-2010.pdf 12/21/2010 434KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Scott Miller Response to ACEPD Memo and Residents Require Full Disclosure 12-20-2010.pdf 12/20/2010 69KB
PDF 1658_Kaya Ideker Comments on Cabot Superfund Site 3rd five year review 12-18-2010.pdf 12/18/2010 14KB
PDF 1658_JointCity County Press Release Pine Tar Removal From Creeks 12-17-2010.pdf 12/17/2010 100KB
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