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PDF 1658_TRC Cmmnts on ACEPD 3-22-04 Cmmnts GW Modeling; 5th Add to WorkPlan Invest Hawthorn; Private Wells 4-24-04.pdf 04/24/2004 67KB
PDF 1658_TRC Response - FDEP Comments by Zoe Kulakowski to Kelsey Helton April 1, 2,and 7, 04 April 23, 2004.pdf 04/23/2004 76KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Response to GRU Comments on 5th Add Invest of Hawthorn_DNAPL Source Eval 4-21-2004.pdf 04/21/2004 4MB
PDF 1658_TRC Draft Floridan Aquifer Monitoring Plan Cabot Koppers Superfund Site -4-15-2004.pdf 04/15/2004 4MB
PDF 1658_JEA Arsenic Sampling and Speciation Plan in Koppers and GRU wells Near Murphree Wellfield April 2004.pdf 03/31/2004 1MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Rspnse to Jan 27, 2004 GRU Letter Requesting Expedited Action on Clean-up of Koppers Feb 27, 2004.pdf 02/27/2004 207KB
PDF 1658_Geotrans 5th Addendum to Workplan Investigation Hawthorn DNAPL Source Koppers 2-9-2004.pdf 02/09/2004 5MB
PDF 1658_Beazer GeoTrans Groundwater Tranport and Flow Modeling Work Plan January 29, 2004.pdf 01/29/2004 680KB
PDF 1658_Gainesville Manager Letter to City Commission with Supporting Reports -- Arsenic Dust Koppers Site, Jan 12, 2004.pdf 01/12/2004 512KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Letter to Koppers Regarding Arsenic in Soil, December 17, 2003.pdf 12/17/2003 112KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Com to USEPA Koppers 3rd and 4th Addend to Hawthorn Character Workplan 11-2003 12-17-2003.pdf 12/17/2003 230KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Ltr to USEPA re Need for Offsite Sampling for Arsenic Near Koppers Plant 8-14-2002.pdf 08/14/2002 542KB
DOC 1658-ACEPD Chris Bird Comments to USEPA on Proposed Record of Decision Koppers Superfund Site Aug 7, 2002.doc 08/07/2002 829KB
PDF 1658_Koppers Vicinity Arsenic Soil Sampling Report Including Health Department Letter, August 2002.pdf 08/01/2002 899KB
PDF 1658_TRC Beazer Revised Sampling and Analysis Plan Cabot Koppers Site 2-12-2002.pdf 02/12/2002 3MB
PDF 1658_FDEP Cmnts on 10-2001 Retec 1st SemiAnn Stage 2 GW Monit Rpt and Beazer 11-2001 Pln Char of Hawth 12-17-2001.pdf 12/17/2001 2MB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Mayor Bussing Comments on Proposed 2001 Amendment to Koppers ROD 7-6-2001.pdf 07/06/2001 1MB
PDF 1658_BoCC Chair Newport Ltr to USEPA Objecting to Proposed 2001 Amendment to Koppers ROD 7-3-2001.pdf 07/03/2001 11MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Comments to USEPA on Issues Associated with proposed 2001 ROD Amendment 7-3-2001.pdf 07/03/2001 9MB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville and Alachua County Agenda for June 18 2001 Meeting on Koppers Site 6-18-2001.pdf 06/18/2001 1MB
PDF 1658_BoCC Chair Newport Invite to City Mayor Bussing to June 18 2001 Meeting on Koppers Superfund Site 6-6-2001.pdf 06/06/2001 545KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Proposed Plan Amendment Fact Sheet Koppers Site (Update) 6-1-2001.pdf 06/01/2001 10MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Presentation on Proposed Plan for Koppers Site 5-21-2001.pdf 05/21/2001 6MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Hallbourg Chronolgy Related to Sediment Sampling 1994-2000 on Springstead and Hogtown Crks 5-21-2001.pdf 05/21/2001 4MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Bird Update to BOCC re USEPA Proposed Cleanup Plan for Koppers Site 5-16-2001.pdf 05/16/2001 2MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Proposed Plan Amendment Fact Sheet Koppers Site 5-7-2001.pdf 05/07/2001 10MB
PDF 1658_EPA Osteen Comments to EPA Maher Budeir re Site Remedial Goals for Koppers Site 4-5-2001.pdf 04/05/2001 2MB
PDF 1658_Florida Dept of Health Health Consultation Cabot Carbon Koppers Superfund Site dated 5-15-1995.pdf 05/15/1995 2MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Record of Decision ROD 1990 Cabot Koppers Superfund Site 9-27-1990.pdf 09/27/1990 6MB
PDF 1658_FDOH_Cabot_Koppers_Health_Assessment_for_ATSDR_4-24-1989.pdf 04/24/1989 5MB
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