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PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer Revised Proposal of Fencing and Singage West of Koppers Site 9-17-2010.pdf 09/17/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans August 2010 Monthly Progress Rpt 9-16-2010.pdf 09/16/2010 2MB
PDF 1658_Memo to City Commission-re Beazer Neighborhood Workshop re Demolition Plan Koppers 9-15-2010.pdf 09/15/2010 78KB
PDF 1658_Beazer Neighborhood Workshop Flyer re Demolition Plan 9-14-2010.pdf 09/14/2010 116KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer UF Aquifer NW Area Well Installation and Report pgs 1-74 Part 1 9-14-2010.pdf 09/14/2010 7MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Fact Sheet for Proposed Plan Follow Up Preferred Onsite Remedy Koppers Site 9-10-2010.pdf 09/10/2010 2MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Fact Sheet Proposed Plan Follow-up Off-Site Soil Remedy Koppers Site 9-10-2010.pdf 09/10/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_ACHD FDOH Respone to Jen Cotter re Koppers Health Inquiry - Request for more information 9-10-2010.pdf 09/10/2010 39KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Response to Joe Prager on FDEP's Variance for REMOX EC for GW Remediation at Koppers Site9-9-2010.pdf 09/09/2010 8MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Response to Joe Prager re Documents Missing from Administrative Record Index for Koppers Site 9-9-2010.pdf 09/09/2010 21KB
PDF 1658_Final LIT Aug 30 2010 Presentation to Joint City County Mtg on Koppers Proposed Plan 8-23-2010.pdf 08/30/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_Robert Pearce Present to Aug 30 Jnt City County Meeting on EPA's Proposed Plan for Koppers Site- 8-30-2010.pdf 08/30/2010 5MB
PDF 1658_Pat Cline Presentation to Jnt City County Mtg Aug 30 on EPA Proposed Plan 8-30-2010.pdf 08/30/2010 996KB
PDF 1658_LIT Aug 30 2010 Presentation to Joint City County Mtg on Koppers Proposed Plan 8-30-2010.pdf 08/30/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_FDOH Randy Merchant Response to Matt Cohen re Proposed Springstead Creek restoration plan 8-27-2010.pdf 08/27/2010 37KB
PDF 1658_FDEPJeff Martin Response to Inquiry from R Pearce re Interim Stormwater Management Plan Koppers Site 8-27-2010.pdf 08/27/2010 15KB
PDF 1658_R Pearce Response to FDEP NE re Interim Stormwater Management Plan for Koppers Site 8-27-2010.pdf 08/27/2010 581KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Response to Comments from Mr. Matt Cohen on proposed Springstead Creek restoration plan 8-26-2010.pdf 08/26/2010 65KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville PW Dept Additional Info to Beazer re Fencing and Signage West of Koppers Site 8-26-2010.pdf 08/26/2010 385KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Response to GeoTrans Fencing and Signage Plan West of Koppers Site 08-26-2010.pdf 08/26/2010 196KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans June 2010 Monthly Progress Rpt Koppers 8-23-2010.pdf 08/23/2010 1MB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans July 2010 Monthly Progress Rpt 8-23-2010.pdf 08/23/2010 1MB
PDF 1658_USEPa Ltr to Sen Nelson Granting Additional 30 day Comment Prd for Proposed Plan 8-20-2010.pdf 08/20/2010 54KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Response to GeoTrans Beazer Fencing and Signage West of the Former Koppers Site 8-20-2010.pdf 08/20/2010 36KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Offsite Contamination Notification Letters Sent to Springstead Hogtown Creek Properties 8-19-2010.pdf 08/19/2010 5MB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer Fencing and Signage West of Former Koppers Site 8-19-2010.pdf 08/19/2010 246KB
PDF 1658_GeoTrans Beazer Respnse to City Comments on Demolition Permit App 8-19-2010.pdf 08/19/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_Preliminary LIT Comments Aug 17 2010 Public Presentation on USEPA Koppers Proposed Plan 8-17-2010.pdf 08/17/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_Sen Nelson Letter to EPA requesting Extension of Comment Period 8-12-10.pdf 08/12/2010 38KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville EPA Proposed Plan 8172010 Public Meeting Announcement 8-11-2010.pdf 08/12/2010 42KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Followup E-mail to Beazer Regarding Need for Warning Signs for Koppers site per 62-780 and 62-730 FAC 8-12-2010.pdf 08/12/2010 1MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Ltr to City of Gainesville Invitation to Participate in Public Availability Meeting re Proposed Plan 8-11-2010.pdf 08/11/2010 45KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot 2nd Qtr 2010 Grondwater Sampling Rpt 8-9-2010.pdf 08/09/2010 1MB
PDF 1658_EPAC Bob Palmer Summary of USEPA Community Meeting on Proposed Plan 8-5-2010 8-9-2010.pdf 08/09/2010 64KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Response to ACEPD Inquiry regarding FDEP Review of Beazer Interim Measures Stromwater Plan 8-9-2010.pdf 08/09/2010 19KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Tallhasse Comments re Geotrans Beazer Interim Stormwater Plan Koppers Site 8-9-2010.pdf 08/09/2010 68KB
PDF 1658_Tetra Tech GeoTrans Supplemental Info to FDEP NE District re Interim Stormwater Plan 8-5-2010.pdf 08/05/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville PW Comments on Tetra Tech GeoTrans Supplemental Interim Stormwater Comments 8-5-2010.pdf 08/05/2010 49KB
MSG 1658_GeoTrans Supplemental Info to FDEP NE District re Interim Stormwater Plan Tetra Tech 8-5-2010.msg 08/05/2010 3MB
MSG 1658_Tetra Tech GeoTrans Supplemental Info to FDEP NE District re Interim Stormwater Plan 8-5-2010.msg 08/05/2010 3MB
PDF 1658_FTS Beazer Comprehensive GW Monotoring Sampling and Analysis Plan and Respone to Comments Koppers Site 8-4-2010.pdf 08/04/2010 4MB
PDF 1658_Geotrans Beazer Rpt on Interim Remedial Measure GW FW6 and FW 21B 8-3-2010.pdf 08/03/2010 341KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Response to City re Extension of Comment Period Koppers Proposed Plan 7-29-2010.pdf 07/29/2010 36KB
PDF 1658_Fred Murry Memo to City Comm re EPD Ext Reg to Sept 15 for Comments 7-29-2010.pdf 07/29/2010 203KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Murry Ltr to Mayor and Comm re FDEP Signs on Creeks 7-27-2010.pdf 07/27/2010 605KB
PDF 1658_Gainesville Ltr to USEPA to Extend Proposed Plan Comment Deadline by 60 days 7-26-10.pdf 07/26/2010 237KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot Revised Pollution Prevention Plan Tar Removal Creeks 7-26-2010.pdf 07/26/2010 2MB
MSG 1658_FDEP NE Response to GeoTrans re Non Compliance Cleanup of Used-Oil Containment Area Koppers 7-23-2010.msg 07/23/2010 66KB
PDF 1658_FDEP NE Response to GeoTrans re Non Compliance Cleanup of Used-Oil Containment Area Koppers 7-23-2010.pdf 07/23/2010 48KB
PDF 1658_Gainesville Realtors Atty Response to Chair Chestnut Ltr re Notification of Superfund Sites (Part 1 2 3) 7-19-2010.pdf 07/19/2010 1MB
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