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PDF 1658_Alachua County Chair Letter 13 036 to US Dept of Justice - Proposed Consent Decree Koppers Site 3-12-2013.pdf 03/12/2013 2MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer February 2013 Monthly Progress Report Koppers Site 3-8-2013.pdf 03/08/2013 345KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Additional Comments on Soil Gas Study by Cabot at Northside Shopping Center, Gainesville Florida 3-3-2013.pdf 03/03/2013 43KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Letter to USEPA Re Sampling and Inventory of Offsite Private Wells Vicinity Koppers Site w_Map_Table 2-28-2013.pdf 02/28/2013 620KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot Field Boring Sequence for Source Charactrization Mar 4 2013 2-28-2013.pdf 02/28/2013 99KB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Conf Call Minutes 2-20-13 - Source Characterization Borings Final Workplan 2-27-2013.pdf 02/27/2013 2MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Lettter to County re Participation in Koppers Remedial Design-Action Efforts 2-25-2013.pdf 02/25/2013 846KB
XLSX 1658_ACEPD ACHD Inventory of Private Wells Located Offsite and in Vicinty of Koppers Superfund Site 2-20-2013.xlsx 02/20/2013 41KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot 4th Qtr 2012 GW Monitoring Rpt Cabot Site 2-15-2013.pdf 02/15/2013 2MB
PDF 1658_GRU and ACEPD Comments on Gradient Cabot Workplan of Borings in Former Lagoon Areas Cabot Site 2-14-2013.pdf 02/14/2013 160KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Beazer Proposed Consent Decree Feb 2013 APPENDICES_B_THROUGH_G 2-13-2013.pdf 02/13/2013 6MB
PDF 1658_Tetra Tech Beazer Boring Logs Draft ISGS Pilot Process Area Investigation Koppers Site 2-12-2013.pdf 02/12/2013 7MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Beazer Proposed Consent Decree Part 1 without Apps 2-11-2013.pdf 02/11/2013 5MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Beazer Proposed Consent Decree -- Appendix A Record of Decision 2-11-2013.pdf 02/11/2013 29MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer January 2013 Monthly Progress Report Koppers Site 2-8-2013.pdf 02/08/2013 321KB
PDF 1680_Gradient Cabot Conference Call 1-31-2013 and Revised Workplan Boring Locations 2-7-2013.pdf 02/07/2013 2MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer December 2012 Monthly Progress Report Koppers Site 1-30-2013.pdf 01/30/2013 327KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Comments on DRAFT Soil Gas Investigation Cabot Site 1-30-2013.pdf 01/30/2013 141KB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Aestus Summary of Results Electrical Restivity Survey Cabot Lagoons 1-30-2013.pdf 01/30/2013 6MB
PDF 1658_Tetra Tech Beazer IRM Rpt UF Aquifer Koppers Site_App B is in EPD Library File_1-14-2013.pdf 01/14/2013 4MB
PDF 1658_ GRU Comments on TetraTech Proposed DNAPL Rec and Mon Well Locations ISGS Demonstration Project 1-11-2013.pdf 01/11/2013 155KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Pearson Comments on Gradient Draft Soil Gas Investigation Rpt Cabot Site 1-11-2013.pdf 01/11/2013 19KB
PDF 1658_ ACEPD Comments on TetraTech Proposed DNAPL Rec and Mon Well Locations ISGS Demonstration Project 1-10-2013.pdf 01/10/2013 44KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Comments on Gradient Draft 12-14-2012 Soil Gas Investigation Report at Cabot Site - 1-10-2013.pdf 01/10/2013 17KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD Additional Comments -TetraTech Proposed DNAPL Recovery and Monitoring Well Locations ISGS Demo Project 1-10-2013.pdf 01/10/2013 49KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech November 2012 Monthly Progress Report Koppers Site 12-31-2012.pdf 12/31/2012 336KB
PDF 1658_Robin Hallbourg ACEPD Oversight of Electrical Resistivity Testing Vicinity Cabot Lagoons 12--18-2012.pdf 12/18/2012 361KB
PDF 1680_Concerned Citizens of Gainesville Comments re Draft FDOH Health Consultation of 9-13-2012 12-17-2012.pdf 12/17/2012 2MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer Proposed ISGS_DNAPL Recovery and Monitoring Welll Location Workplan Process Area 12-14-2012.pdf 12/14/2012 1MB
PDF 1658_Gradient Weston Cabot DRAFT Soil Gas Investigation Report 12-14-2012.pdf 12/14/2012 7MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech October 2012 Monthly Progress Report Koppers Site 12-3-2012.pdf 12/13/2012 346KB
PDF 1658_FDOH Final December 2012 Koppers Community Update on Indoor Dust 12-11-2012.pdf 12/11/2012 35KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot E-mail on Start of Geophysical Survey Week 12-10-2012.pdf 12/11/2012 13KB
PDF 1658_AMEC Beazer Offsite Soil Sampling Results October 2012 12-7-2012.pdf 12/07/2012 53KB
PDF 1658_TV 20 Report on USEPA on No Health Risks from Indoor Dust Resutlts on Homes Near Koppers 12-6-2012.pdf 12/06/2012 41KB
PDF 1658_Gainesville Sun Article on Former Koppers Site 12-1-2012.pdf 12/01/2012 45KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Copy of Right Of-Way Access Permit for Weston for Cabott Stormwater Lagoon 11-20-2012.pdf 11/20/2012 707KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville ROW Access Permit to Weston for Stormwater Pond on Cabot Site 11-20-2012.pdf 11/20/2012 707KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Cabot Koppers MSYand Offsite Soil Report for Oct 2012 11-16-2012.pdf 11/16/2012 15MB
PDF 1658_Beazer East Comments on 2012 FDOH Health Consultation on Stephen Foster Neighborhood Soils 11-14-2012.pdf 11/14/2012 4MB
PDF 1658_FTS Beazer 2012 1st Semiannual Comprehnsive GW Monitoring Report w Partial Appdxs 11-9-2012.pdf 11/13/2012 7MB
PDF 1658_FTS Beazer 2012 1st Semiannual GW Monitoring Rpt - Lab Data Appendix B 11-13-2012.pdf 11/13/2012 23MB
PDF 1658_FTS Beazer 2012 1st Semiannual GW Monitoring Rpt - Validation Rept. Appendix B 11-13-2012.pdf 11/13/2012 74MB
PDF 1658_Tetratech Beazer Koppers Site Process Area ISGS Phase 1 Partial Data with Figures 11-1-2012.pdf 11/01/2012 3MB
PDF 1658_Gradient Weston Geosyntec Cabot Hawthorn Group Investigation Work Plan 10-31-2012.pdf 10/31/2012 2MB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot 3rd Qtr Ground Water Monitoring Report 10-30-2012.pdf 10/30/2012 2MB
PDF 1658_All Pro Follow Up Letter to USEPA re Site Access Cabot_Koppers Superfund Site 10-29-2012.pdf 10/29/2012 307KB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Pearson Sampling Locations and Coordinates for MSY Sampling 10-2-2012sampling Locations.pdf 10/26/2012 1MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Letter to All Pro Related to Site Access for Cabot Site GW Wells 10-17-2012.pdf 10/17/2012 83KB
PDF 1658_ACHD Oct 2012 SFoster Koppers Neighborhood Update on Jan 2012 Soil Sampling 10-9-2012.pdf 10/09/2012 37KB
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