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PDF 1658_FDEP ACEPD FDOH and Bob Palmer Comments on Indoor Dust Study Sampling Plan 3-28-2012.pdf 03/28/2012 71KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Standard Procedures for Collecting Indoor Dust 3-26-2012.pdf 03/26/2012 216KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Vacuum Sampling Methodology for Indoor Dust Collection 3-26-2012.pdf 03/26/2012 216KB
PDF 1658_Tetra Tech February 2012 Monthly Progress Rpt 3-23-2012.pdf 03/23/2012 345KB
PDF 1680_Alachua County Health Dept Cancer Rates Review Stephen Foster Area 3-15-2012.pdf 03/15/2012 567KB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Vapor Intrusion Work Plan Cabot Site - Response to Comments 2-28-2012.pdf 02/28/2012 60KB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Vapor Intrusion Work Plan Cabot Site Revised 2-28-2012.pdf 02/28/2012 5MB
PDF 1658_Tetra Tech January 2012 Monthly Progress Rpt 2-24-2012.pdf 02/24/2012 342KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Additional Comments on Offsite Soil Sampling Plan dated 1-12-12 2-17-2012.pdf 02/17/2012 96KB
PDF 1658_Beazer Groundwater Reuse Plan and SW Progress Rpt Floridan Groundwater for Irrigation at Former Koppers Site 2-15-2012.pdf 02/15/2012 1MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer Final ISGS Upper Hawthorn Demonstration Project Workplan 2-14-2012.pdf 02/14/2012 5MB
PDF 1658_FDEP Email TetraTech Koppers Stormwater Permit_Use of Floridan Treated Water for On-Site Irrigation 2-13-2012.pdf 02/13/2012 987KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Report on FW-32BE Installation Status 2-11-2012.pdf 02/11/2012 560KB
PDF 1658_Arcadis Beazer Clarification to Off-Site Soil Sampling Plan 1-19-2012.pdf 01/19/2012 17KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech December 2011 Progress Report Koppers Site 1-16-2012.pdf 01/16/2012 340KB
PDF 1658_Arcadis Beazer January 2012 Revised Offsite Sampling Plan.pdf 01/13/2012 486KB
PDF 1658_Pat Cline PGC TA Comments on Vapor Intrusion Workplan Cabot Site 1-13-2012012.pdf 01/13/2012 87KB
PDF 1658_Pat Cline Protect Gainesville Citizens Comments on VI Pathway and Cabot VI Workplan 1-13-2012.pdf 01/13/2012 137KB
PDF 1658_Weston Cabot 3rd Qtr 2011 GW Monitoring Rpt 1-9-2012.pdf 01/09/2012 2MB
PDF 1658_Alachua County Press Release Indoor Dust Study Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site 1-5-2012.pdf 01/05/2012 23KB
PDF 1658_FDOH January 2012 Koppers Community Update 1-4-2012.pdf 01/04/2012 44KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD E-mail to County Commission Announcing Indoor House Dust Study- Cabot Koppers Superfund Site 1-4-2012.pdf 01/04/2012 44KB
PDF 1658_Fred Murry Memo to City Commission_Indoor Dust Study Project -Cabot Koppers Superfund Site 1-4-2012.pdf 01/04/2012 702KB
PDF 1658_ACEPD and City of Gainesville Comments on Nov 30 2011 Cabot Draft Vapor Intrusion Workplan Cabot Site 1-4-2012.pdf 01/04/2012 53KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer November 2011 Monthly Progress Rpt Koppers 12-23-2011.pdf 12/23/2011 337KB
PDF 1658_GRU DNAPL Team ISGS Pre-Demo Testing Additional Information 12-22-2011.pdf 12/22/2011 10KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Draft Comments on Cabot Vapor Intrusion Work Plan Cabot Koppers Site 12-20-2011.pdf 12/20/2011 29KB
PDF 1658_FDOH Health Consult - Sept 2010 Sampling of Soils in SF Neighborhood and North, East and South of Koppers 12-9-2011.pdf 12/09/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Comments on Arcadis Beazer Revised Additional Offsite Koppers Sampling 12-6-2011.pdf 12/06/2011 100KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer Response to EPA SEP92011 Comments_ISGS Workplan 12-2-2011.pdf 12/02/2011 4MB
PDF 1658_ACEPD TFSG Pat Cline Proposed Indoor Dioxin Dust Sampling Implementation Plan and Actions 12-2-2011.pdf 12/02/2011 1MB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Vapor Intrusion Work Plan Cabot Site 11-30-2011.pdf 11/30/2011 5MB
PDF 1658_Gradient Cabot Vapor Intrusion Assessment Workplan Cabot Site 11-30-2011.pdf 11/30/2011 5MB
PDF 1658_Gainesville City Ltr_Ms Osteen_Follow up 17NOV2011 Inquiry Re Fencing Contractors Accessing 437 NW 27th Ave 11-30-2011.pdf 11/30/2011 5MB
PDF 1658_USEPA Letter Response to Gainesville Mayor Lowe 11-8 2011 Ltr to Lisa Jackson EPA re Koppers 11-29-2011.pdf 11/29/2011 356KB
PDF 1658_FDEP Review Offsite Soil Sampling Proposal for Koppers Arcadis 8_31_2011 and 11_21_2011 11-29-2011.pdf 11/29/2011 1MB
PDF 1658_TetraTech October 2011 Monthly Progress Rept Kooppers 11-28-2011.pdf 11/28/2011 333KB
PDF 1658_Gainesville City Letter_Bea Horton_Authorization Approval of Right of Way Use Permit 11-22-2011.pdf 11/22/2011 2MB
PDF 1658_Arcadis Beazer Revised Off-Site Koppers Sampling Locations 11-21-2011.pdf 11/21/2011 593KB
PDF 1658_Gainesville Mayor Lowe USEPA letter - Indoor Dioxin Dust Workplan 11-21-2011.pdf 11/21/2011 113KB
PDF 1658_USEPA Response to County Chair Pinkoson re Indoor Dust Study 11-9-2011.pdf 11/21/2011 892KB
PDF 1658_GRU City of Gainesville Response to Roy Geiersbach re Well Sampling 11-8-2011.pdf 11/08/2011 3MB
PDF 1658_City of Gainesville Mayor Lowe letter to Lisa Jackson USEPA re Cabot Koppers Site 11-8-2011.pdf 11/08/2011 132KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Beazer FW-32BE Floridan Extraction Well Workplan USEPA Approval 2 11-7-2011.pdf 11/07/2011 49KB
PDF 1658_Tetra Tech Response to GRU Comments on FW32BE Floridan Extraction Well Workplan 11-03-2011.pdf 11/03/2011 74KB
PDF 1658_GRU Comments on TetraTech FW-32BE Workplan 10-25-2011.pdf 10/25/2011 225KB
PDF 1658_TetraTech Sept 2011 Monthly Progress Rpt Koppers 10-21-2011.pdf 10/21/2011 139KB
PDF 1658_FTS 1st SemiAnnual 2011 Groundwater Monitoring Report 10-19-2011.pdf 10/19/2011 13MB
PDF 1658_FTS 1st SemiAnnual 2011 Groundwater Monitoring Report Lab Data Validation 10-19-2011.pdf 10/19/2011 22MB
PDF 1658_FTS 1st SemiAnnual 2011 Groundwater Monitoring Report Lab Data Pt 2 10-19-2011.pdf 10/19/2011 46MB
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